Meet our team of experts

Dave Butler can’t do it alone. To help him, he has a fantastic staff of mortgage professionals that assist him every step of the way.

Dave Butler

Dave Butler - Mortgage Broker

FSCO License M08001279 1 (888) 684-8326

Dave comes from a family of Financial Service Providers: His father and brother are also Mortgage Broker’s and his mother has been involved in the financial services sector since the early 1990’s.

Dave’s commitment to his clients and work ethic are unparalleled. His unique and innovative approach to the mortgage business includes assembling a professional team second to none. This allows Dave the opportunity to continually grow his business while ensuring his clients receive the highest level of service.

Jim Payer

Jim Payer - Manager

FSCO License M08001682 1 (888) 684-8326 ext 226

With over 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry and running a team of agents, Jim oversees that the deals are done right and ensures the best rate and product for the clients. He works closely with Dave to make sure the file is set and ready fro the final review. This ensures an extra set of eyes to keep on top of the ever changing industry and that we get the best deal for all of our clients.

Understanding my clients' needs for today and goals for tomorrow allows me to suggest the "Right" mortgage product and terms to suit each person individually.

Grace Pavao

Grace Pavao - Sr. Account Manager

FSCO License M11001624 1 (888) 684-8326 ext 224

Grace Pavao is a Business Graduate with a Major in Marketing and has over 10 years of excellent Customer Service experience. She enjoys the challenges and the fast pace environment this industry has to offer.

Grace’s role within the team is to process the deals from start to finish. This includes everything from coordinating condition sheets, meeting with the clients and signing them up, ensuring the client's lawyers have the required documents and making sure all the Lenders conditions have been met.

Grace brings a great “person-to-person” aspect to an industry sometimes thought of as to “by the book”. She truly enjoys taking care of our clients’ needs and making everyone’s day a little brighter!

Michelle Pavao

Michelle Pavao - Account Representative

1 (888) 684-8326

Michelle began her Mortgage career in 2007 as an executive assistant to Dave Butler, which provided an excellent foundation to move to the closing side as an Account Representative. Michelle utilizes her experience to ensure that every customer is a happy customer.

She is known for her ability to assess a situation and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. With over 10 Years of Customer services experience she looks forward to assisting you with your Mortgage needs.

Claudia Lopes

Claudia Lopes - Administrator

1 (888) 684-8326

Claudia has joined us in the position of administrator with over 10 years of excellent customer service, with exceptional attention to detail. Claudia is to ensure that the requirements with our investors are met. She approaches all responsibilities with great enthusiasm, professionalism, diligence and organization.

Claudia’s goal is to ensure that your mortgage experience with Butler Mortgage is simple easy to understand and successful. She truly enjoys taking care of our clients to ensure they are completely satisfied with our service.

Daniel Patton

Daniel Patton - Account Representative

FSCO License M08001504 1 (888) 684-8326 ext 223

Daniel Patton is a high honors graduate from Sheridan College and now focuses his attention on mortgages. With over 10 years’ experience in mortgages, Daniel exhibits the very best in professionalism, knowledge, attitude and results in the mortgage industry.

"Being there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, means that I am always available for my clients to help them with any questions or advice they might need my help with. My passion is helping make the best decision for my clients".

Whether you are looking to purchase a home, re-finance, or consolidate debt, Daniel specializes in residential and commercial properties. Working alongside Dave Butler, Mortgage Intelligence honored the team with the 2005 Rookie of the Year award. Daniel and Dave combine one of the best mortgage teams in the industry and look forward to staying on top of the industry for years to come.